Q: How can I improve my English language skills to communicate with other researchers?

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I wish to communicate with vascular surgeons from across the world. How can I be perfect in English?

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You can improve your understanding of the English language by reading more of scientific and other literature in English. To get familiar with the finer details of the language, you can try to interact more with English speaking people.

Alternatively, you can watch English programs and news channels on television or the internet to enhance your understanding of spoken as well as formal English. One of the best practices to learn more about a language is to maintain a reading habit.

Apart from reading scientific literature, you can also read other articles, books, or magazines on your subject as well as other generic topics as this can help enhance your vocabulary.

Remember, practice is the key to mastering a skill or becoming perfect at a language. So make sure you practice what you learn from your reading and engage in conversations in English on a regular basis to maintain a grip over the language.

Moreover, you can also enroll into a professional English communication course if you need professional guidance. It should be a matter of some effort and then you’ll be fluent in the language. All the best!

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