Q: How can I create a title that will reflect the quantitative research design of my study?

Detailed Question -

Please guide me on the format of title for

1. Pre-experimental design

2. Quasi – experimental design

3. True-experimental design

4. Descriptive research design or non-experimental design

Please give me also sample titles of each for guidance. Thank you.

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The manuscript title is decided based on the focus or the novelty of your research. The research title is often supported with experimental design. Quasi-experimental research attempts to establish cause-effect relationships among the variables. An example of a quasi-experimental research can be the effect of gender on algebra achievement. Accordingly, the title of the research can be defined as “The effect of gender on algebra achievement in high school students of XYZ country - A Quasi-experimental study”.


Similarly, Descriptive research, True-experimental design, and Pre-experimental design titles can be formed based on the type of research involved in the study. Typically, a researcher reviews and studies conceptually similar articles in his/her field of study and goes through the research methodologies wherein he/she learns about the different types of research (qualitative/quantitative) and the types of statistics that need to be used to arrive at results. Alternatively, you can look for research articles published in your area as examples to draft your own title.


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