Q: How can I identify the article type for a manuscript I am reviewing?

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I am reviewing a journal article and I am not sure what type of article it is. The title is: "International marketing ethics from an Islamic perspective : a value maximization approach." Is this a systematic review paper?

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It is difficult to identify the article type based on the title of a paper. Sometimes, review articles mention the phrase "a systematic review" within the title. However, in this case, there is no clear indication whether this is a systematic review paper or an empirical study (original article). The best way to identify this would be to go through the entire paper. 

If it is an original research paper, it will follow the IMRaD structure and will include a hypothesis, background study, methods, results, interpretation of findings, and a discussion of possible implications. On the other hand, if it is a systematic review, it will not present original data, but will address the research question by analyzing data from a selection of existing literature. 

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