Q: How can I prove the accuracy of the data if the mean of the raw data is different from that of the Excel data?

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A graph that reflects the mean and standard deviation of the raw data obtained after the test cannot be created. So, I drew a graph using Excel. However, the mean of the raw data is different in Excel. In this case, can I use the data and graph calculated by Excel? How can I prove the data if I can[not] use it?

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If the mean values of the raw and Excel data are different, then the use of the Excel data is not recommended. The Excel data and graph are not research outputs and should therefore not be used. An additional problem would be that you would have different mean values and standard deviation (SD) presented in the text (if they are calculated from raw data) and in the graph (if they are calculated from the Excel data). You should use the raw data that is the research output, and only if you cannot create a graph from this data, should you use the Excel data to create the graph. Attention though should be given to the fact that both datasets should have the same (or very similar) mean values and SD.

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