Q: How can I write an e-mail requesting an acceptance from a supervisor on my PhD proposal?

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I am not very sure how to correspond for PhD scholarship.

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Once your PhD proposal is ready, you have to send an email to a supervisor who you feel meets your needs and the your scope of the Ph.D. Your email will have to be convincing enough for the supervisor to accept it. Here are some points that you need to keep in mind:

  1. Your email should convince the supervisor that you would be a suitable candidate for him/her to supervise.
  2. Mention your academic qualifications, and teaching/internship experience, and if you have conducted any research work previously. 
  3. Mention your topic of interest and why/how you think he/she might be the right person to mentor you. For example, if you have read any of his/her works, or attended a seminar where he/she presented, etc. Basically establish that your area of interest matches his/her area of expertise.
  4. Explain what your project is likely to focus on and the kind of research question that will interest you.
  5. Finally, inquire when and where would be a suitable time to meet him/her or have a telephonic/Skype conversation to discuss your plan further.

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