Q: How do I calculate the population of a place to estimate the number of interviewees for my research?

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I wish to calculate the population of the village in which I am doing my academic research, in order to estimate the number of people to interview.

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If you wish to know the population of a certain place, you may refer to your country’s census data. If you wish to estimate the population of a place (especially as the population would have grown in the years since the last census), you may use methods as those illustrated in this resource.

When deciding the number of people to interview for your research, you also need to keep in mind certain other factors, such as objectives and resources. Your objectives should guide you on the number and nature of the people you will interview. Based on various resources (such as finances, time, and effort), you will need to decide on what is a feasible number of the population to interview. Doing this is a key part of establishing the scope of the research.

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