Q: How do I choose a proper journal to publish my research paper?

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I want to publish my 2016 thesis and two other theses that I have co-authored. How do I select journals to publish in?

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Choosing the right journal for publication can be a challenge. If I understand correctly, you wish to publish content from your thesis in the form of a journal article I am unsure as to how you can co-author thesis with other people, though. Did you mean that you have co-authored two other manuscripts that you wish to submit to journals?

The following points can be kept in mind for selecting a journal:

  1. First ensure your indexation preference – SCI/SCIE/SSCI/ESCI/PubMed/Scopus etc. You can refer  http://mjl.clarivate.com/ for finding the indexation of SCI/SCIE/SSCI/ESCI and https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/nlmcatalog/journals for finding PubMed indexation.
  2. Make a list of available journals in your subject area and survey the type of articles published in them. Compare the quality of your articles to those published in these journals and then make a list of journals with a suitable impact factor range.
  3. Make sure the aims/scope of the journals match that of your study.
  4. Check for the types of articles published by the journals.
  5. Check all the other aspects of the journal such as peer-review process, instructions to authors, open access options, audience/readership of the journal, information about the publisher, time for peer review, acceptance/rejection rates etc.
  6. Then, make a final list of the journals that meet all your criteria, prepare your manuscript according to the author guidelines and submit the manuscript.

You can also use journal selection tools such as Elsevier Journal Finder or Springer Journal Suggester

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