Q: How do I distinguish between the dependent variable (DV) and independent variable (IV) for my quantitative research project?

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I am working on a quantitative research project that aims to find the "knowledge, attitudes, and practice regarding hospital delivery among married women."

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We understand that what you have provided there (“knowledge, attitudes, and practice regarding hospital delivery among married women”) is the focus of the study. If so, this is probably not a quantitative research project, but a qualitative one. Quite simply, a quanti study looks at numerical data, such as age and gender, while a quali project examines non-numerical data, such as behaviors and attitudes. At best, this could be a mixed-methods study, if for instance, by ‘practice,’ you mean the numbers of married women who decide on hospital delivery. For help with determining the appropriate methodology for your study, you may refer to this resource: How to choose the research methodology best suited for your study

Which brings us to your actual question: of determining the DV and IV for the study. The thing is, you would first need to get clear about the kind of study this is or that you wish to pursue; only then, would you be able to a get a fix on the variables for the study. Once you’ve achieved the previous, you may refer to the following resources for help with determining the variables.

Hope that helps. All the best for your study!