Q: How do I prepare the limitations of a proposal?

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In a proposal, limitations are the constraints of the study, that is, aspects of the study not covered for various reasons. These could pertain to subjects, geography, data, and so on. For instance, one limitation could be that the study will only look at people of a certain age group or income level. Describing the limitations helps the evaluator determine whether or not you have thought of the various aspects of the study, especially the challenges, and thus helps them decide on the proposal. In the proposal, you can write the limitations as a separate section. You can list the different limitations, with a brief explanation for each.

Note that the limitations of a study are different from the limitations of a proposal. Once you have completed the study, you need to discuss the limitations, or shortcomings, of the study with regard to its results. This lays the ground for later research in the area that may address some or all of these shortcomings. You need to explain the limitations of the study in the Discussion section of the paper.

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