Q: How do I start writing a paper to present at a conference?

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I'm a health professional with no job satisfaction and my colleagues don't want to take initiative. I need to put my message across in the form of a paper.

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There are two aspects to your question. Your main question is about how to start writing a conference paper. You have also shared your reasons for wanting to write a conference paper. I will start with the second part of your question and then move on to the first.

I can understand your frustration, and it's great that you wish to put your "message" across in the form of a paper. I am not sure what you mean by "message." A conference paper or a research paper is more about answering a research question, rather than conveying a social message. Of course, a message can be a part of it, but you need to tie it in with a research problem, come up with an appropriate research question, and use an effective study design to conduct your research. You can present either the interim results of your study or the final results at a conference.

To begin with, you need to identify a research area and a research problem based on the message you wish to convey. To do this ask yourself,  what is the issue you would like to present in your paper? The answer to this question would lead you to your area of research.

Next, read published literature on the research area of your choice and try to identify a gap in litearture that you wish to address. This can be your research problem. 

Here are a few resources to help you with these initial steps:

Now let's come to the main question you have asked. To present at a conference, you first need to send your abstract to a relevant conference. Keep an eye out for call for papers from various conferences and create your abstract. Make sure you avoid predatory conferences. It is best to start writing the actual conference paper once your abstract has been accepted.

Once you are ready to start writing the actual conference paper, this resource will provide you with detailed guidance: How to write a conference paper