Q: How do I write a problem statement for an investigation into the public disobeying of COVID-19 protocols?

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Hi Lolo – Welcome to the forum! And that’s a very relevant investigation. As lockdown norms have gotten relaxed in various countries, COVID-19 cases again seem to be rising in some. Even earlier, during the lockdown, several people have flouted lockdown and health safety norms, making it challenging to control the spread of the pandemic.

Anyway, coming to your query, the problem statement has to basically talk about three things: the present state regarding the problem (that people are not following norms), the ideal state regarding the problem (that people follow norms, in order to help control the spread), and solutions to help reach this ideal state (such as measures, restrictions, and penalties). For more information on writing the problem statement, you may refer to this excellent resource: The basics of writing a statement of the problem for your research

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Hope that helps. All the best with your investigation!