Q: How exactly does the editor want me to share my data?

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Thank you for providing the Data Availability Statement: "All relevant data are within the paper" Please note that the PLOS ONE data sharing policy requires that any data that would be required to replicate your study's findings be publicly shared. Please provide the individual data points behind means, medians, and variance measures presented in the results, tables, and figures, and not just those summary statistics (http://journals.plos.org/plosone/s/data-availability#loc-faqs-for-data-p...). This data set should be uploaded to a stable, public repository or included as Supporting Information files. A list of recommended repositories may be found at http://journals.plos.org/plosone/s/data-availability#loc-recommended-rep.... If you deposit your data within a repository, please provide a DOI or accession number at which your data may be accessed.

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As per PLOS ONE data sharing policies, you need to share all your data publicly. From the email, it seems that you have just shared the results of the statistical derivations, such as the mean, median, etc. However, you will need to share all the underlying data. To explain this more clearly, you need to provide all the individual data points from which you derived the mean or median. You can provide the entire dataset as supporting information which you can probably upload on the submission page or send to the editor via email.

However, if the dataset is too large to upload as supporting information, you will have to create an account in a public data repository such as arXiv, figshare, Dryad, etc. and put up your data there. Once you upload your dataset on the repository, you should give the editor access to the data. Usually, most public repositories are associated with a DOI. In that case, you have to give the DOI to the editor. If the repository is not associated with a DOI, it will give you an accession number, which you should share with the editor. 

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