Video: How literature reading will help you achieve long-term success

How literature reading will help you achieve long-term success

Often researchers turn to literature search when they are planning their study. However, literature reading is a habit that can help researchers achieve long-term success. Wondering how? Literature reading is critical to research as it sustains your passion for science and keeps your interest alive. 

Various platforms and sources are available to read literature, but it can become tedious to follow latest updates from several places. How can you simplify this?

Try R Discovery 

Designed by researchers, R Discovery is an optimal platform that provides you with access to the most important, up-to-date, and relevant academic research for you through personalized research discovery through AI. You can set it up in minutes! Click here learn more, or you can download the free app from Google Play or the App Store. Start searching the best scholarly literature now. Search smart and start your real research!

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