Q: How should a change of institute reflect in the author's affiliation?

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My previous institution (org A) where I had conducted my research is currently about to shut down. I was a senior researcher and CEO (Representative Director) of org A. Now, I have moved into org B as the head of the research center. I would now like to submit my paper which was conducted while I was in org A. In this case, which org name should I put in author’s affiliation to the journal?

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Since your research was conducted using the resources of Org A, you should use the name of Org A in the author affiliations as this institute made the primary contribution to your research. You should also mention Org A in the Materials and Methods section of your paper.

However, since you are no longer with Org A, you should add your current affiliation, that is, Org B, in the correspondence address section. Additionally, if you have worked on the paper even after you moved to Org B, you can consider adding a few sentences about Org B in the Acknowledgments section.