Q: How should I mention my previous and current affiliations?

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I am going to make a presentation at a conference. However, I changed my job last April. So, when I present the research performed at the previous workplace, how should I mention my affiliation? Actually, I am required to show both affiliations, but which should be the first? I checked some resources on this matter, but the rules or recommendations are diverse. Thank you for your advice.

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You have not mentioned whether you have performed any part of your research during your current employment. Also, you have not mentioned the types of entities you have been employed with – whether university, institute, or organization. However, as you have mentioned that you are required to show both affiliations and as you have been in your current role for about nine months, it seems your current employer has made some contribution to your research.

As you have rightly shared, there are diverse views on the sequence of the affiliations. Based on what I understand from your query, if the major part of your research took place when you were with your previous employer or if it was a university (who would have made academic contributions to your research), you can mention them first and then your current employer. If the contribution by your second employer is not major, you could even consider mentioning them only in the Acknowledgments section. Also, if you have not already done so, you can look up the sites of the conference and your present employer for their guidelines on the affiliations, if any.

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