Q: How should I reply to the reviewer's comments about the STROBE statement?

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I have recived a reviewer comment that states: "The authors should consider the STROBE statement (STrengthening the Reporting of OBservational studies in Epidemiology) and make sure that their paper follows the standards for reporting observational studies outlined therein (https://strobe-statement.org/index.php?id=strobe-home ). In particular, see the checklist for cross-sectional studies: https://strobe-statement.org/fileadmin/Strobe/uploads/checklists/STROBE_... . For instance, the authors should provide unadjusted odds ratios as well."

I clicked on the link, and it went to a checklist. How should I reply? Do I need to say that I have checked my paper?

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Yes, you may reply so, but generally the journals ask to upload the checklist where, for every item, you have to put the page of your manuscript where it is reported (see STARD checklist, which has a last column for the page numbers).

STROBE is a set of research reporting guidelines providing specific recommendations for the reporting of observational studies. Research reporting guidelines are standard guidelines used across biomedical journals to maintain uniformity and consistent quality in the reporting of research. Many of these guidelines include detailed checklists of items that can be included in your manuscript as part of a submission.

What you need to do is go to the link that the reviewer has provided, download the checklist, fill up the details and upload it through the online submission system under the category "supporting information" or attach it with your manuscript if you are submitting via email. Basically, the reviewer wants to ensure that you have followed most of the guidelines in your study. In particular he/she wants to make sure that you have included the unadjusted odds ratios in your study. If you have not included these already, make sure you do that and in your response document, mention that you have made the change. State that you have attached the completed checklist as well.

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