Q: How should I select a journal in the field of economics?

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I am currently pursuing a doctoral degree in the field of economics (statistics). My manuscript is ready and I want to submit it to a journal.

I would like to know a few details about journal selection before submission:

  1. How much time will it take from submission to first decision from a journal on average in the field of economics and statistics?
  2. In case of SSCI journal, the first decision from a journal tends to be late. Can you recommend some journals that have relatively faster journal cycles in my field?
  3. SCI journals, in particular, engineering (IEEE) journals, seem to have faster journal cycles. Can my manuscript can be submitted to those engineering SCI journals using only engineering data?


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Generally speaking, publication times in the field of economics and statistics are relatively longer, and the process has in fact, slowed down over the years. Typically, the time from submission to first decision can be anyhwere between four to six months. Most journal websites mention the average time taken from submission to first decision. 

It is difficult to recommend a specific journal without going through your paper, but you can look for journals that offer rapid publication. However, make sure that you choose a journal only after thoroughly reviewing the information about the journal/publisher and evaluating the extent to which it is suited to the scope of your research.You might find our tips on choosing the right journal for your paper useful.

Whether you can submit a paper to an engineering journal will actually depend on the content and focus of your paper and the target audience. Interdisciplinary publications are possible, but it will depend largely on the content of your paper and the journal's preferences and policies. You can consult your supervior or a senior collegaue about this.