Q: How to write the Introduction and the background of a research paper?

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How to write the Introduction and the background? The title for my paper: Teaching Mathematics in the intermediate phase.

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The Introduction section sets the context for your research work, explains the research problem, and indicates the purpose behind the study. The Introduction also highlights how your research contributes to knowledge in your field and builds on previous similar studies.  

You need to ensure that your Introduction does the following:

  • Provides a background of the problem that your research aims to understand or resolve
  • Summarizes what is currently known about the topic through existing literature and citing studies that are relevant
  • Describes why you have undertaken the study
  • Explains how the research will make a significant contribution to the field
  • States the research question clearly

Now let us understand how a research background is written. The background forms the first part of the Introduction section. It provides context for your study and helps the readers understand why your research topic is important. It gives a brief overview of the research done on the topic so far and mentions the gaps that have remained unaddressed as well as the need to address them. Subsequently, it mentions how your research will address those gaps and helps establish the significance of your research.

While writing your background, you must:

  • Mention the main developments in your research area
  • Highlight significant questions that need to be addressed
  • Discuss the relevant aspects of your study

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