Q: How to look for articles that are good and relevant to my research topic?

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The topic is investigating the impact of nyda in supporting rural female farmers.

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Finding the right and relevant literature is essential in finding a direction for your research and defining your research path. It is only through reading literature related to your topic that you can find out what research has been done already and which areas need to be explored. The most basic step is to read scientific research papers published in your field. You can either access relevant articles on the internet or through your institution. You can refer to scientific journals, magazines, newspapers, etc.

While searching for literature, make sure you use keywords related to your field. Alternately, you can search by using author names or titles or articles you are interested in. To make your search more effective, you can find databases that are most suitable to your field. You can also ask your institution librarian for help in finding the right and relevant articles for you. Also, it would be a good idea to regularly read latest scientific publications so that you are aware of the latest research and goings-on in your field. 

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