Q: How to understand journal rankings by quartile?

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In order to gradute my shcool I have to submit my paper to SCI(E) journal. In case of Q1, one paper submission will be fine but I have to submit 2 papers if it's a Q2 journal. The thing is I have no idea which journals will be included in Q1 and Q2. I checked JCR and SJR but it shows different standards. Please help me. 

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Thomson Reuter's Journal Citation Reports (JCR) also includes a ranking of journals. The top 25% of journals in a particular category are placed in Q1, the next in Q2 and so on. The JCR Impact Factor table includes the Quartile and JIF Percentile for each year. 

To answer your question, you will have to follow the JCR rankings, not the SJR rankings. Secondly, you have to ask your librarian for a copy of the 2016 JCR and since it is a paid list. Once you get hold of the list, you can check the impact factor table to find out which journals in your subject area have a Q1 ranking. you can then shortlist your target journal from among these. 

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