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How to write a cover letter to a journal if its editor rejected my paper from another journal?

I am preparing to submit my paper, which is already rejected by two journals, to a third journal. The Editor in Chief of the third journal was also the editor of the first journal. (His rejection comment stated: “you may be able to publish your paper if it would be revised successfully.) In such a case, is there any custom to convey any message to the Editor in Chief in the cover letter?

The reviewing and editorial policies of each journal vary and this depends on the subject area and scope of the journal. It is possible to encounter the same editor in two journals, however, there is usually no custom to acknowledge the previous submission to a different journal. Journal editors handle large volumes of research every day and it might be possible that they simply don’t remember your previous submission.


You can go ahead with submitting your manuscript to the new journal as a fresh submission. There is no need to mention anything specific about your previous rejection in the cover letter.   


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