Q: How to write a pre-submission inquiry

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I want to send a pre-submission inquiry to the journal Blood. The problem is that I don't know how to write the email. What should I include in the mail? Also, the email address provided for pre-submission inquiry is not the Chief Editor's. Should I send the email to the address provided as well as to the Chief Editor? Should I attach the cover letter and my paper along with the mail?

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A pre-submission inquiry letter should be clear and to-the-point. You should state that you are writing to inquire if your article will be appropriate for submission to the journal. Mention the topic of your article towards the beginning of the email and provide a short summary or abstract of the paper. To help the journal assess your study, include some information about the breadth and depth of your study, the nature of evidence provided, and why the journal might find your paper interesting.

Each journal has its own processes and guidelines. If the journal has given an email address for pre-submission inquiries, I think you should send the inquiry only to that address. This contact person would probably be in charge of handling all such inquiries, and the Chief Editor might not be involved in this.

Do not attach your cover letter or manuscript with the e-mail. You can submit these if the journal replies positively and asks you to submit your paper.