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Dear Editage Insights team, Thank you very much for your previous response to my query "What can I do if the editor does not confirm my withdrawal request". Thank you for guiding us in a right way. Can you please suggest me how to write a withdrawal letter (for manuscripts with the editor and haven't sent it to review for at least two months) to the journal by providing with a sample letter. Thank you for your time and consideration.We look forward to hearing from you.

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As discussed in the answer to your previous question, if you wish to withdraw your paper from a journal, you will have to send a withdrawal request. You should mention the title of the paper and the manuscript id provided by the journal. Additionally, you should request a confirmation of withdrawal from the editor as the withdrawal process will be complete only after you receive the confirmation. 

Here is a template for a withdrawal request:

Dear Mr. XXX [Editor's Name],

I would like to withdraw my manuscript titled XXXX [Title of paper] from further consideration by your journal. The manuscript ID is XXXX and the date of submission was XXXX. 

Please confirm that the withdrawal process is complete. I apologize for any inconvenience caused.


XXXX [Your name and contact details]

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