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How to write an email to the journal with suggestions for reviewers?

The status of my article hasn't changed for months, so I sent an email to the journal. They replied as follows "All the invited reviewers have declined the review invitation and considering the specialization of the subject we are unable to get quality reviewers. The editor is working to secure reviewers to review your paper." Is it a good time to suggest them some reviewers? How can I write this email?

Since the journal has explicitly stated that they are finding it difficult to get reviewers for your paper, it would be a good idea to send them a list of suggested reviewers. In your email, you can say that you appreciate their efforts and understand that it might be difficult to get quality reviewers since your study is on a highly specialized area. You can then offer to help and say that you can suggest some names. If the editor finds these reviewers suitable, he/she can approach them.

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