Q: How to write the implications for an abstract?

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What is an implication for an abstract paper?

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Firstly, I believe what you mean is ‘the abstract of a paper’, rather than ‘an abstract paper’. An abstract is the very first part of the paper, even before the introduction, providing a summary of the paper. So, it is very short, about 250-300 words, though abstracts for social sciences and humanities papers may be a bit longer. You may learn more about abstracts through these resources:

Coming to implications, an implication implies, or suggests, what the findings of your study or research mean for the problem or population you studied or even a broader research area. It also suggests further directions to explore and investigate. You typically talk about the implications in the discussion section of the paper. As the abstract is a very short section, you need to write about only the most relevant implication in the abstract, in only one line or two. You can find out more about implications through these resources: