Q: Can I write a journal article which is not an original research paper?

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I have worked a lot on pythium keratitis, and I want to write in a journal about my clinical experience in treating and diagnosing them. How can I do so without writing a research paper on it?

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Apart from original research articles, journals publish a variety of scholarly literature like review articles, case studies, perspective pieces, etc. If you would like to write about a particular topic but don’t want to write an original research paper, then you can consider writing a case study or a perspective piece.

Since you have a lot of practical experience in your field, a case study might better suit you. Case studies present details of real experiences and cases. Alternately, if you wish to share your perspective or opinion regarding practices or ideologies prevalent in your field, you can write a perspective or opinion piece, or a commentary.

These resources will help you decide what kind of article you should write: