Q: I need a graph or a table in style, text, and frequency

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I'm unable to understand what exactly you need to know as you have not added a detailed description of your question. As per my understanding, you would like to know how tables and figures need to be presented in terms of style and content as well as how many tables and figures you can use in a paper.

With regard to style, always ensure that your table is visually appealing and easy to read: maintain sufficient spacing between columns and rows and choose a simple yet effective layout. Make sure that the table is not cluttered. If your table contains a large amount of information, consider combining your data into relevant categories, and include these categories into columns.

Regarding content, think about what would be the best way to present the information: as a table, figure, or text. Don't use a table or figure if you feel that the content reads better as plain text. Think about whether the data would be more visually appealing if presented as a figure or within the text. Try and combine tables that convey similar information. At the same time, split up tables that are too cluttered or too long, or consider presenting these data as supplementary information.

Regarding the number of tables or figures that can be included in a paper, it usually depends on the article type. For example, if you are writing an original article, you might need to use more tables and figures than if you are writing an opinion piece. Journals also have specifications about the maximum number of tables and figures that can be used. Hence, it is best to follow the journal guidelines in this matter.

Kakoli Majumder
Senior Writer & Editor
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