Q: I need to know the correct punctuation in this sentence.

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'I will give you my email, as well.'

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As there are only two punctuation marks in the sentence and one of them is the end punctuation, you obviously wish to know whether that comma before ‘as well’ is needed.

Short answer: No, not necessary.

Long answer: That comma may have been de rigueur a few years ago. However, language keeps evolving. With the net and social media, language has also been getting a bit ‘easy’ or conversational. For instance, many people have been eschewing the apostrophe, although not always accurately so. Having said that, academic writing (if this is part of an academic conversation) continues to remain formal, although some fences have been lowering here as well. Also, context may be important here. If, say, you are writing to someone who may be a linguistic purist or pedant, that too, a senior/supervisor, you may wish to include the comma. If not, you should be quite okay in dropping it.

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