Q: I submitted a mathematics paper four months ago but have not heard from the journal. What should I do?

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I submitted a manuscript to a journal. The journal does not have an online submission system, and the subject matter editors are receiving submissions directly by email. I have not heard anything for 4 months after submission, so I sent an email to the editor to inquire about the status with supportive information like the title, author name, submission date etc. But I have not received any response for 1 week. How should I do this situation? My specialization is mathematics.

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The process of journal evaluation takes a long time, especially in case of fields like mathematics and statistics, where it can also last for a year. However, you should have received a confirmation from the journal after you had submitted your paper, even if the journal does not have an online submission system. You can continue to write to the journal editor once every 2-3 weeks to find out about the status of your manuscript. If you do not receive a response from the journal even after following up several times, you can consider withdrawing your manuscript.

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