Facebook Live Q&A - Tracking your manuscript in journal submission systems

Facebook Live Q&A - Tracking your manuscript in journal submission systems

Do you have questions about the manuscript tracking system?
Do you find yourself struggling to understand various submission statuses?
Do certain submission statuses make you feel anxious?

We have the perfect forum where you can clarify all your doubts about the manuscript tracking system. Join our Facebook Live Q&A on March 2, 2017, 8:00 A.M. EST and get all your manuscript submission related questions answered by our expert.

Kakoli Majumder, Live Q&A                                          

This session will take place on the Editage Insights Facebook page. Kakoli Majumder, the expert behind the Q&A forum of Editage Insights, will answer your questions based on her ample experience in dealing with authors’ queries regarding manuscript submission.

Here are some of the topics she'll deal with in the Live Q&A:

  • Various submission statuses displayed by online submission systems of journals
  • The duration for which each submission status generally lasts
  • The plausible implications of varied submission statuses
  • Editorial decision-making at journals 

Join us for an interactive discussion at the Facebook Live Q&A session and tell us which submission status makes you most anxious. You could also share your manuscript submission related experiences and post all your questions in the comments section below the Facebook Live video, and Kakoli will answer as many as possible.  

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