Q: Is it acceptable to present research at a conference before it is accepted by a journal?

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Considering delay of submission to a peer reviewed journal, I have submitted the abstract (with additional data) to a conference, and it was accepted. The process of submission and conference presentation is expected to be as follows: 1.Submission, 2.Conference presentation before acceptance (with additional data), 3.Manuscript acceptance.

According to the target journal, the manuscript, excluding abstract, must be unpublished at the time of submission. Is the above process acceptable or would it be regarded as duplicate submission?

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It is perfectly acceptable to present your manuscript findings at a conference, even before they are published. Most journals, however, require that you revise the title and abstract of the manuscript and preferably include additional data while submitting the paper. It is not clear from your question whether you have already submitted your paper to the journal. If you have not yet submitted, it would be advisable to mention the conference presentation in the cover letter to the journal. If you have already submitted the paper, you can still inform the editor about the conference presentation. 

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