Q: Is the same peer reviewer evaluating my submission to a new journal?

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After my paper was rejected, I submitted it to another journal. But the reviewer of the second journal has asked the same question that the reviewer of the first journal had raised. Does this mean that the same person has reviewed my paper? Am I going to be rejected again?

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There are chances that the same person might be reviewing your paper. Often, a few specific reviewers review some specific topics, so the second journal might have sent your paper to the same reviewer. However, this does not necessarily mean that your paper has gone to the same reviewer. A different reviewer might raise the same question if it is really important.

Please note that even if your paper is rejected by a journal, you should go through the peer review comments carefully and make all the changes that the reviewer has recommended before submitting it to another journal. If the first reviewer had asked this question, you should have revised your paper addressing this question before submitting it to the second journal.

However, do not lose hope. Make sure that you answer the question your reviewer has raised and respond to all the other comments. If all the reviewer comments are addressed in a satisfactory manner, your paper should be accepted.

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