Q: Is there any service to help in preparing a systematic literature review?

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I need help in preparing a systematic review and metadata in using search/web results. I need help from a professional in preparing the systematic review by using Prisma (database tools for modern application development).

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You’ve come to the right place. Welcome! :-)

We, Editage Insights, are the researcher support platform for Editage, which provides manuscript editing and submission services for researchers and scholars. Editage has a vast amount of experience preparing manuscripts for submission, including for systematic reviews, and they are sure to assign the right team of editor, reviewer, and publication expert to help ready your document for submission.

Before we get into those details though, we’d like to quickly discuss a few things.

It seems you have already started writing your systematic review, that it’s around database technology (specifically employing Prisma), and that you need help mainly with preparing or editing your manuscript. If so, the team at Editage should really have a solution for you, and as you have provided the necessary details, they should even be able to have experts in systematic reviews and database development and technology working on your manuscript. Additionally, if you need help with the methodology, there is even an experimental design service they provide.

Now, in case you are yet to write the systematic review, note that Editage provides only editing (and submission) services, and not writing services. (Of course, ‘rewriting’ comes under ‘editing.’) This is because writing a manuscript for someone else (known as ‘ghostwriting’) is an unethical practice. So, you could complete writing the manuscript (utilizing the experimental design service for help with the methodology, if needed) and then share the draft manuscript with Editage for editing. If you need help with the literature search for your review, we also have a literature search service. Finally, for help with writing the manuscript, there are some resources right here on Editage Insights that we can provide.

We are linking all the above-mentioned documents and services below.

Writing your systematic review

Editing your systematic review

Editage Editing Services

Hope that helps. And all the best for your review!