Q: My manuscript status has changed from 'With editor' to 'Submitted to journal.' What does this mean?

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I submitted a manuscript to a Springer journal. After a week, the status has changed from 'With Editor' to 'Submitted to Journal'. What does it mean?

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Although each journal provides a description of submission statuses on their site, these statuses are not always easy to decipher. In this case, the initial "With Editor" status probably appeared when the Editor-in-chief or Editorial Assistants had a look at the manuscript to check if the basic journal requirements were in place and assign the manuscript id. Once this was done, the submission was considered complete officially, so the status changed to ‘Submitted to Journal’. In some time, the manuscript will most likely be assigned to an Associate Editor (AE). So, you could wait for two-three weeks. If the status doesn’t change in this period, you could write to the journal seeking an update.

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