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Nature Nanotechnology: Quick facts and submission tips

Editage Insights | Apr 15, 2015 | 32,575 views
Nature Nanotechnology

Aims & Scope 

Nature Nanotechnology publishes papers in all areas of nanoscience and nanotechnology that are of utmost quality and significance, covering research into the design, characterization and production of structures, devices and systems that consists the manipulation and control of materials and phenomena at atomic, molecular and macromolecular scales. Bottom-up, top-down, and combinations of these two approaches are covered.

The journal encourages communication of ideas among chemists, physicists, material scientists, biomedical researchers, engineers and other active researchers. It covers basic research in physics, chemistry and biology, including computational work and simulations, the development of new devices and technologies for applications in a wide range of industrial sectors (including information technology, medicine, manufacturing, high-performance materials, and energy and environmental technologies). Materials ranging organic, inorganic, and hybrid are all covered.                                             


Nature Publishing Group

Frequency of Publication    


Editorial Information 

Chief Editor:

  • Fabio Pulizzi

Senior Editors:

  • Ai Lin Chun
  • Owain Vaughan
  • Alberto Moscatelli
  • Elisa De Ranieri

For more information about the editorial team:






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  • Impact Factor:  33.265 (2013 ISI Journal Citation Reports)
  • Ranking: First among all journals in nanoscience & nanotechnology



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