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Hi Sorry I ask you this question, but I'm confused and I don’t know how to write. I am PhD student. My PhD degree is Government Management: Human Resource Management. The format of the title page of my thesis is: A thesis submitted to the Graduate Studies Office in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of PhD of Science (MSc) in Title Would you please guide me how can I write it in this format? Thanks

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Thank you for your question. If your query pertains to writing the title itself, the following steps may facilitate the process:

- Identify what the thesis is about. For instance, in the field of human resource management, your thesis may aim to identify how the employee selection process be improved.

- Identify the methodology or study design as well as the participants/cases. For instance, you may have conducted a survey administered to the HR personnel from organizations in Area A.

- Identify the outcomes. For instance, perhaps you found that pre-interview group discussions improve the employee selection process.

- List keywords from your responses above: 1) Employee selection process; 2) Survey; 3) HR personnel; 4) Area A; 5) pre-interview group discussions.

- Link the keywords in a sentence: This study conducts a survey among HR professionals to examine the effect of pre-interview discussions on the employee selection process in Area A.

- Delete unessential information/words: “This study conducts” and “examine” are unessential as it is understood the title is about the study and what it examines. “HR professionals” isn’t required here, as it is understood that the HR personnel is involved in the selection process. “Survey” on a standalone basis doesn’t add much value here (unless the type of the survey distinguishes your study from the rest of the literature, in which case the type of survey should be specified, and it could perhaps constitute the subtitle).

- This leaves us with the title: The effect of pre-interview discussions on the employee selection process in Area A. You may choose to reword this, for example, to “how do pre-interview discussions affect the employee selection process in Area A?” This handbook is a helpful, comprehensive guide that will take you through detailed steps in terms of writing your thesis’s title.


If, on the other hand, your query is about the format of the entire page, this may depend on the specifications of your university. Some universities provide templates; however, if your university hasn’t provided such specifications, templates such as the ones available on https://shsulibraryguides.org/thesisguide/titlepage are a good starting point. The placeholders (such as “title of the document” and “author name”) can be replaced with the relevant information.


Please feel free to let me know if you have further questions!