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Please help me frame the title of my paper

How is the title "Contribution of the self employment towards the economic growth of the nation"?

You have not provided any information about your research. It is difficult to tell whether your title is suitable for your article without going through the entire manuscript. Hence, I cannot give an opinion about the appropriateness of the title. However, the first thing I observed is that the title you have mentioned is not grammatically correct. Depending on what exactly you wish to say, you can consider using either "Contribution of self employment towards the economic growth of the nation" or "Contribution of the self employed towards the economic growth of the nation." However, you will need to assess which option aptly describes what exactly the study is about.

Here are a few points to help you check whether your title is suitable:

  • Does the title clearly indicate what your research is about?
  • Is it brief, informative, and attractive?
  • Does it include relevant descriptive keywords that readers are most likely to search for?

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Helo My dependent variable is employment and independent variable are equity behavioral intention ,job satisfaction and attitudes towards employment .. research title is "Role of employment decision of private banking sector on the bases of different factors" kindly check is it suitable or suggest me any other title on the bases of these factors.
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