Q: Can you give me some guidance on writing a background of the study?

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My topic is on the Music and Movie industry as contributors to national development. I actually have an idea on what my topic of research should entail, the reasons for embarking on this study and all, but I lack a precise structure, the right approach, how to begin the background of study. Please help with and example of how I can start, I believe I can take it from there.

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The background of a study is the first part of the Introduction section and it sets the context of the study. The background must be written such that it engages the attention of the readers. Begin with a generic statement about the topic that explains why your research topic is important. For example, you could begin by talking about development and developing nations. You could also consider starting by talking about the important factors that contribute to national development and then move on to the music and film industry. This is just an example. You can also read the introduction section of some published papers in your field to understand how the background is usually written.

Answer the following questions as you write the background. This will ensure that the background of your study is structured well:

  • What is known about the broad topic?
  • What are the gaps or missing links that need to be addressed?
  • What is the significance of addressing those gaps?
  • What are the rationale and hypothesis of your study?

These resources will help you write an effective background of your study: