Q: How can I withdraw my submission from Preslia Journal?

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Dear researchers, I hope you are doing fine. My colleagues have submitted manuscript in Presila Journal. After few weeks, they received an email from the journal to pay the open access charges. It is unusual to have manuscript accepted in initial form. No review report was provided to them. My colleagues want to withdraw the submitted manuscript. Because I have feeling that Presila Journal is not authentic. They plan to withdraw and submit to other journal. I think it will be duplicate submission in this case. What you suggest, should they submit to other journal?

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Sorry to hear about your colleagues’ troubles with submission. Before considering the aspect of withdrawing the submission, we think it would be worth looking into the authenticity of the journal.

Beall's List of Potential Predatory Journals and Publishers lists Preslia as a “hijacked” journal; that is, there’s a fake website (http://presliajournal.com/) that seems to be pretending to be the actual website (http://www.preslia.cz/), based on the information provided by Beall’s list. You may first want to ask your colleagues to check which website they’ve used to submit their paper.

Further, if they have submitted through the correct website and now wish to withdraw their submission, they can certainly do so, and you may want to direct their attention to this previously answered question on our forum, which talks in more detail about the process: