Video: Q&A with Editage: How to avoid plagiarism in your research paper

Q&A with Editage: How to avoid plagiarism in your research paper

It is considered unethical in the academic world to plagiarize content, accidentally or intentionally, yet it is one of the most flouted ethics identified in submitted manuscripts. Some authors, especially those with English as a second language, find it difficult to rephrase text and aren’t sure about how to reduce plagiarism in research papers. On the other hand, due to incorrect citations and improper references, many authors fall prey to accidental plagiarism.

One of Editage’s senior experts is here with some proven tips on how to avoid, reduce and overcome plagiarism in a research paper. She explains how you may avoid copying and pasting big blocks of text as it is from other published texts. She emphasizes on adopting the approach you feel comfortable with. This makes articulating an idea or a concept easier. Lastly, she advises using quotation marks only when you cannot paraphrase the text or think only quoting the exact words will make the desired impact.

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