Video: Q&A with Editage: How to share your research on social media

Q&A with Editage: How to share your research on social media

We are globally connected through social media. Then, why not use it to promote your research or maximize the impact of your research using social media?  

Publishing your research is not enough. It’s important to ensure that it reaches the right audience! It’s crucial that your research paper gets the visibility it deserves. And what better medium than social media!

Nia, a highly experienced neuroscience editor at Editage, talks about the most effective tips for sharing your research on social media using two of the most popular social media platforms for researchers – Twitter and LinkedIn.

Twitter is a great platform to give bytes about your research in the form of tweets to make the readers curious and engaged in your research. Using hashtags and other social media tools can help you increase the reach and visibility of your research paper.

On the other hand, LinkedIn is an excellent platform to build your network. Connect with fellow academics, senior researchers, and industry experts. Stay updated about upcoming webinars and conferences in your subject area.

Watch this video to know more!

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