Webinar: Quality in peer review – digging deeper

Quality in peer review – digging deeper

The theme of this year’s Peer Review Week is Quality in Peer Review. In this webinar Duncan Nicholas, one of the organizing committee members of Peer Review Week and Vice-President of the European Association of Science Editors, will take a deeper look at this theme. Duncan will talk to you about how “quality” manifests in all aspects of peer review and will address several important questions such as: Is peer review working? How can you define quality peer review and what does it look like? What are different stakeholders doing to make peer review better?


Join this session to broaden your understanding of peer review; know more about how reviewers, editors, publishers, and scholarly publishing professionals view peer review; and understand your role in improving the quality of peer review. During the session, feel free to share your personal experiences with the peer review process with Duncan and talk to other researchers who have their own views about peer review.


About the speaker


Our presenter for this session is Duncan Nicholas. Duncan has over 14 years’ experience working in the journal publishing industry. He is an independent consultant, the Director of DN Journal Publishing Services and Vice-President of the European Association of Science Editors. He is also one of the organizing committee members of the 2019 edition of Peer Review Week. Duncan provides support and training to editorial staff and researchers of all levels of academic experience and seniority, covering a wide range of topics and formats including the development of the Publons Peer Reviewer Academy. Duncan is passionate about scholarly publishing and over the years he has developed a unique perspective about every aspect of the scholarly publishing industry.