Q: Why is the review process for my revised submission taking so long?

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I have submitted my manuscript to a Q1 journal on 29th April 2018, and I have received a "Major Revision" decision on my paper on 11th July 2018. I have tended to all the comments and submitted my revised manuscript on 31st July 2018. The problem is, from 31st July 2018 till date (more than 5 months), the website states that my manuscript status is "With editor." After I contacted the editor, they replied that they are in the process of inviting reviewers. My question is, what actually happened to my manuscript? Is my paper stuck in the system?

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Ideally, a paper that has received a major revisions decision is sent back to the same set of reviewers. Since they are already familiar with the paper and have made suggestions for improvement, it would be easier for them to understand whether the suggested changes have been satisfactorily incorporated. However, in some cases, the editor may look for new reviewers if he/she feels that a fresh perspective is required.

From what you have mentioned about the status changes and your communication with the journal, I feel that the journal is taking too long to send the paper for peer review. It should not ideally take more than a few weeks for a revised paper to be sent for re-review. I think you should actively follow up with the journal. Write to them every 2 weeks asking for a status update. This will hopefully, make the editor process your manuscript more proactively.

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