Q: Revised manuscript assigned to new reviewers. What to do?

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I submitted a manuscript to a reputed Springer journal. After seven months I was asked by the editor to make major revisions. Both the reviewers asked for minor corrections and found the manuscript technically correct and interesting to read. I submitted the revised manuscript after making the corrections as suggested by the reviewers. After three months I received the editor decision as reject after review. After reading the comments of the reviewers I found that both the reviewers were new as none of them talked about the corrections earlier suggested. Now I lost crucial one year. What should I do now ?

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Thank you for your question.

Unfortunately, this isn't uncommon, as sometimes, journals send the manuscript for review again after the first round of revisions, especially if the first round of revisions changed the manuscript substantially (although this doesn't appear to be the case here, as you've mentioned minor corrections). May I request you to let me know if the journal allows for an appeal? If it does, you may try to reply to the new reviewer's comments and highlight the original reviewer's comments. I hope my response has been able to assuage your distress to some extent. I would be happy to be of further assistance.