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Impact factor

Part 01
By Editage Insights | November 04, 2013
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journal impact factor and research evaluation
This article delves a little deeper into the fallacies of the impact factor and points that you should consider when using it.
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Part 02
By Bee | September 09, 2014
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According to JCR rules, when a journal changes its name, only the old journal title is assigned an IF during that year, and not the new journal title. In the second year after the name change, both the new and old journal names have separate impact factors. How is IF calculated for both the titles? Why are the two names given separate impact factors? Also, in the year of name change, does the IF belong to papers published in the old journal? While calculating the IF for the new journal name,... Read more
Part 03
By Editage Insights | August 31, 2015
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The impact factor: For better or for worse
The very words “Impact Factor” can send a shiver of fear through the spines of many journal editors as they contemplate the next number their journals will receive. Yet this measurement can be an aid to a journal if it is understood and treated with respect. Written by a group of ISMTE and EASE leaders, this article provides a history of the Impact Factor, explains how IF’s are awarded, and details ways in which your journal’s IF can be improved. This original article on the Impact Factor... Read more
Part 04
By Editage Insights | September 15, 2015
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Stacy Konkiel, Altmetric
Meet Stacy Konkiel, Outreach & Engagement Manager at Altmetric, a company that tracks online activity relating to scholarly literature. Previously, Stacy was the Director of Marketing and Research at Impactstory, a nonprofit organization that helps researchers use altmetrics through a web-based tool and Indiana University Bloomington’s first Science Data Management Librarian. Before that, Stacy worked at PLOS as a Marketing Associate. Stacy holds two Master’s Degrees in Information Science... Read more
Part 05
By Kakoli Majumder | June 14, 2016
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The much awaited Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Reports® 2016 has been finally released. The JCR is the world’s most influential resource for evaluating peer-reviewed publications and the source of annual journal metrics, including the Journal Impact Factors (JIF)
Part 06
By Clarinda Cerejo | June 16, 2016
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The impact factor and its impact today
Since 2012, scholarly publishing has seen a boom in useful discussions about alternative metrics; science for the public; and measuring research impact in terms of how it touches and improves people’s lives, how much it’s being discussed on social media, and how many lay people are aware of it. But what about the ground reality of how research impact is measured? This editorial puts forth some interesting perspectives on where the impact factor fits in academia today.
Part 07
By Jayashree Rajagopalan | June 16, 2016
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7 expert views on the impact factor
Many people are of the opinion that the impact factor is the ultimate measure of a researcher's success and journal's prestige. What do academic publishing experts think? Here, we bring you some excerpts from our interviews with industry experts who have expressed their views on the impact factor.