Q: Should I bring up minor writing errors that I noticed after submitting the revised manuscript?

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I have received the following decision letter on my paper from the editor "I am prepared to accept this manuscript for publication provided that the authors perform some editing to improve the grammar throughout the paper." After submitting the revised version, I have noticed a couple of minor corrections that need to be made with regard to writing errors after revision (One sentence was written twice and some punctuation mistakes). Should I bring these up now or just wait for the copy editing phase?

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The errors you have mentioned seem to be very minor proofread errors. Generally speaking, such errors are not a big deal and can be fixed at the copyediting or page proofing stage. However, if you feel that these might create a poor impression on the editor (since you were expressly asked to do a language edit), you can send a polite email to the editor mentioning that a few minor proofread errors occurred due to oversight and attach the revised manuscript with the corrections.

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