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Spot quiz: An Editage Insights anniversary special

Andrea Hayward | Nov 24, 2017 | 485 views

We're entering the final week of our anniversary month and thought it's a great time for a special anniversary spot quiz! How would you like the chance to win an exciting prize by answering just a single question related to scholarly publishing?

Posted below, within the image, is a question related to publication ethics. We've also given you 3 letters of the answer to help you guess faster. All you have to do is post your answers in the comments section below and the first lucky person who manages to guess the correct answer will win an exciting prize.

Can you guess the answer to the question? Hurry! Be the first person to answer correctly!

Spot quiz: An Editage Insights anniversary special

P.S. - We hope you know that submitting the same manuscritpt to two different journals at the same time is considered unethical! 

Liked this spot quiz? Stay tuned for more!


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