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Hello! I submitted my manuscript to an Elsevier journal 6 months ago. After the 1st round of review one of the reviewers rejected the manuscript and subsequently the paper was rejected by the editor. After that we sent a rebuttal letter to editor. The editor asked us to resubmit the manuscript. The manuscript had the With Editor status for about 4 months. Two days ago the status date was changed and yesterday the status was changed to under review. Right now the status is Required Reviews Completed. What does this mean? Thank you.

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Thank you for your question.

Since the resubmission of your manuscript after the initial rejection would have been considered as a fresh submission, the journal would ideally send the manuscript back for another round of peer review (possibly to the same reviewers or new reviewers) to see if the revised manuscript will be suitable for publication.

Now the status “Required Reviews Completed” means that the peer review has been completed by the reviewers and after this the journal editor will go through the reviewer’s comments and take a decision regarding the manuscript.

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