Video: The brighter side of the COVID-19 quarantine

The brighter side of the COVID-19 quarantine

Let’s face it – we are all pretty much in the same boat, well, most of us across the world are. These weeks of self-isolation and social distancing are tough to deal with. The world definitely is feeling more fragile right now. But, as people across continents and time zones are practicing social distancing, barriers are breaking, people are reaching out to each other, bonds are strengthening, and we are all coming together as one global community. The world is certainly changing, and even through the feelings of fear and uncertainty, the current global COVID-19 crisis is helping us re-emerge as better humans, almost as though we all entered reboot mode together. How so? If you haven’t yet noticed how the self-isolation and social distancing enforced by COVID-19 has changed the way we lead our lives, here’re a few eye-openers for you.

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