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The importance of encouraging nurses to publish in scholarly journals

Jolene Menezes | Oct 22, 2014 | 25,746 views
Why nurses should contribute to health-related academic publications

Whenever we think about health-related academic literature published in journals, nurses as the authors would perhaps not spring to mind. There is certainly a dearth of literature produced by nurses.

As I mentioned in the previous article in this series, clinical nurse specialists provide high-quality, patient-centered, timely, and cost-effective care (Royal College of Nursing, 2013). Many of the nurses performing non-invasive procedures eliminate the need for a doctor, giving consultants more time to work with high-risk patients. Since many nurses work for extended periods with patients who have chronic diseases, these nurses are continually innovating in their field of practice, and many of these innovations can prove helpful to their peers and other health professionals too.

Committee members from UK nursing associations such as the inflammatory bowel disorder (IBD) Nurses’ Network, Association for Stoma Care Nurses, and British Liver Nurses’ Forum often complain about the difficulty in getting their members to publish articles in academic journals. Meetings and conferences for nurses often throw up discussions on nurse-led innovations and/or efficient patient-care pathways they have introduced at their hospital departments. However, it is rather difficult to convince nurses to publish these best practices in scholarly journals.

There are two possible reasons for this:

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